Are you looking to start up an HR function within your business?

We work with growing Companies to enable them to shape and develop what effective HR should look like within their business.

By working with us we will:

- Find where HR fits within your business.

- Examine what level of HR activity is already in place.

- Produce and activate an HR Audit.

- Consult the business about the proposed HR service.

- Shape the required HR product and service to support the business.

- Develop and agree the unique HR Strategy Model for your business.

​Starting up HR within your Business

By putting in place and developing your own HR Function, benefits will include:

- Building up the Culture and Values within your organisation.

- Organising the Hiring and Development for your Workforce.

- Help resolve any Conflict Management Situations in a structured and consistent manner.

- Implement effective Employee Performance Management Systems.

​- Developing good business relationships both internally and externally.

Cost and Project Timetable:

The cost for this service is based on a day rate per consultant and in our experience should take approximately 7 to 10 working days to complete, dependent on the size of the business and location (Number of days and consultants required is agreed before the work begins).

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