Shifting up a Gear: How to Create an Iconic Brand

Jul 20, 2021 10:00 AM

Free event

Date: 20th July 2021 – 10am

Host: Nick Butcher - Founder, Ignition Human Performance

Guests: Jim Wiseman, Wiser Films and Simon Childs, Childsey

Style: Open discussion/interview

Length: 60 mins via Ignition Virtual Learning Platform, E-Ignition

Ignition Human Performance, the learning and development experts who use lessons from High-Performance Motorsport, is proud to present our next event, looking at the lessons that went into making the global phenomenon that was Top Gear!

Our special guests include Jim Wiseman, who was the researcher and producer for Top Gear between 2002 and 2016 and came up with many of the ideas for the show, such as the famous Aston Martin DB9 race against the train race to Monaco.

Joining Jim, will be Digital Marketing and Brand Expert Simon Childs who runs Childsey and works with Motorsport Teams such as Mark Blundell Motorsport in BTCC. Simon also spent a large part of his career working for the Theo Paphitis Group, with one of his roles being to look after and work with Theo's Dragon Den investments.

About this event

During the session we will discuss:

● What went into rebuilding the Top Gear brand

● Getting the right team together

● The Logistics of getting the challenges together

● Growing the brand across the world

● Why it worked!

● Performing under Pressure – working on the F1 live coverage

● Future Projects and plans

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We look forward to you joining us on Tuesday 20th July at 10am

In the meantime please make sure you follow @ignitonperform on Instagram to see exclusive footage of the build up to this event and enjoy this showreel below which showcases some of Jim's work over the years.

Thank you!
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