Neil has spent over thirty years working in Companies at a senior level in both HR and Operational roles.

His industry experience covers Healthcare, Water, Hotels , Public Transportation and Waste Management. Neil has worked in HR at both a national and international level.

Neil trained as an Executive Coach at Henley Business School in 2014 and 2015. He is also a founder member of the Henley Coaching Forum.

As a Coach, Neil has worked with a range of Business Leaders and Executives from the likes of Apple, NHS England, Motivates (previously Red Letter Days) and even the Crown Estate. Helping them unlock both professional and personal goals.

Neil has an MA in HR Management and has been a Fellow of the CIPD since 2006

Meet our Coaching Director

Even today with advances in medical technology, all sports players eventually face the same question - "What are they going to do after they finish their career?" whether it be through retirement or injury.

This is where we can help. 

We specialise in coaching professionals from any sporting discipline who are looking to prepare for life alongside and after sport through our

3 step "Inspire, Prepare, Coach" and get ready for their next career - whatever that might be! 

We also Offer Coaching Programs on...

HR Career Mapping

Executive Coaching

Why chose HR Strategy Pro?

We are experienced in working individually and collectively with the members of the Leadership and Management team. This helps create an environment of mutual trust and from that comes the creative thinking to build your business for the future. 

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Creating Success Alongside Sport


Are you looking to unlock and improve your own potential?

HR Strategy Pro origins started as an Executive Coaching business called Coaching and CV Pro. We offer expert 1-2-1 Coaching through our qualified coaches, who have worked with some of the top leaders in the world of business and sport such as Apple and NHS England.

So Executive Coaching - what is it?

Coaching or assisting someone to improve their performance is a technique now regularly used in the worlds of both Business and Sport.

There was a time when coaching meant purely instructing an individual in how to achieve a task or given process. Now it is recognised that the main benefit of coaching is actually supporting an individual through a period of their life or career when they need to be at their highest level of performance. This in turn can bring can bring a great sense of motivation, reward and fulfilment to the person being coached.

In short it is about fine tuning performance.

We offer both Coaching for both private and business clients.

Executive Coaching is a very practical and powerful way of developing an individual, through one- to-one sessions, which are designed to help them determine the appropriate route to the desired goals. This can relate directly to personal performance, motivation and career development.

Whether you are a private or business customer of ours​, we believe that the overall coaching relationship between the Coach and the Coachee is critical to the success of the process.

Therefore in each of our Coaching assignments we begin with a free general introductory session. This will enable the Coach and the Coachee to see whether the chemistry between them is appropriate.

During the introductory session it is an opportunity for the Coachee to discover:

  • What Coaching is and what it is not.​
  • The expectations the Coachee has of the Coaching process.
  • How the Coaching relationship will work.

From that session the Coachee can decide to move on to a designed Coaching programme or not.

Is it time to reconsider your HR career direction?

We are operated by HR professionals with over 50 years operational experience and helps individuals within the HR World to develop a clear “HR Career Map”. This is done by using their unique “Inspire, Prepare, Coach” method.

Achieving the ‘Coaching Balance’ – The Free Introductory session.