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Building a Leadership Culture to Win – Mercedes AMG F1, Toto Wolff.

Part 3: Conflict Management - How Toto dealt with Lewis and Nico

Judging by the 2014 – 2016 F1 seasons, where Toto's drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were competing for the championship, Toto knows a thing or two about managing conflict.

In the same interview we spoke about in part 2 with Rosberg, Toto talks about the psychology behind conflict and says when it arises he’ll always try and take a step back and think through the following rather than go straight into "conflict mode":

1. “Why is this person’s opinion different to mine?”

2. “What view point are they coming from?”

3. “What is their objective to this conversation?”

4. “How is it different to mine?”

By doing this reflection you can analysis and understand the other person’s position and then you can hope to reach a solution which suits both parties best rather than fight. 

Adopting this approach has also helped in other areas of business, such as contract negotiation and getting a better understanding when two parties within your business are not getting on.

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