Business as Unusual -

How HR Strategy Pro can Support you during Coronavirus

Business as Unusual

As I sit here, I’m surrounded by tv screens with messages of uncertainty and cancellations due to COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Whether you agree or disagree with the measures that are being taken to keep us safe, certainly in my life time I’ve never seen anything like this and since the news started to break a few weeks ago it’s really made myself and the team here reflect on “what does this mean for HR Strategy Pro and our clients?”.

After all, we are a business that focuses on People Strategy and Development and is proud of the relationships we have established and built through face to face contact and bringing people together through events and training.

However, in many ways this has now given us an opportunity to really look at our business and the service we provide to find out what happens when potentially we take the front facing people element out of a people business - but also where our service can really add value at this very uncertain times for all businesses, no matter what industry we are in.

The answer? Well I wouldn’t say we are 100% there however, below I have put a summary of how we are looking to improve our service to adapt to the current climate and also how HR Strategy Pro can support your business during these very different times for business.

Executive Coaching

I was really interested to read the following extract from an article Atholl Duncan had written about “Leading your business through a crisis” last Friday in City AM.

He wrote “This period of extreme stress and colossal decisions is, of course, the most important time to turn to a mentor or an executive coach if you have one.”

As mentioned in the last section, this is a vital area were we can help as business Leaders and Managers need support whilst leading others and it is testament to the relationships we have built with the number of phone calls we have received in the last few weeks to just have a chat through their thoughts moving forward, as they say “its good to talk” and we are more than happy to support anyone where we can.

If you haven’t tried executive coaching before we offer our first 1hour session as a Complimentary “Get to know you” session with no obligation to take it any further. This again can now be run remotely via “Zoom”, telephone or Skype.​

Transition Coaching

Sadly, we are starting to hear more and more about the effects this is starting to have on industries, with some businesses starting to really feel the strain and have no choice but to close branches or ask employees to take unpaid leave.

Although for some businesses this is sadly unavoidable and very upsetting for founders and directors, it is vital during this time that you treat any employees effected with respect and support. We work with a number of businesses to support outgoing employees with career, CV and interview support and it really does help not only the individual effected but shows even through bad times you tried to be the best employer you could.

As with all our services this can now be delivered remotely.

​HR Strategy and Support

First of all, it goes without saying that actually it is probably now the most important time for businesses to be taking professional advice when it comes to managing their employee strategy during the Coronavirus. This doesn’t however need to be face to face and we have put resource into e-meeting software such as “Zoom” where we can conduct meetings with both employer or employee. Also as we are all looking for answers and guidance in the current situation - last week we sent out Policies and Procedures that the CIPD had sent across to us with regards to Coronavirus to our clients and contacts that we thought might appreciate them! We will continue to do this as we get more information, so if you would like us to send this to you also, please do let us know.

It's also worth reminding everyone that we have always offered our 30 minute FREE HR Business Check, so you do have any questions you think we might be able to help with, you can book your appointment to speak to us here

​Leadership and Teamwork Training

A large part of our business is “Ignition” our Leadership and Teamwork development courses, which involves getting teams of people together in a room at a Formula 1 factory – so let’s be honest - I don’t think we are going to be doing much of that for the foreseeable future!!

However, this has given us the opportunity to look at how we can invest and use E-Learning platforms to enhance our delegate experience. Not only does this make us more robust during crisis such as the one we are going through now but also in the long term will complement our client offering on the training and development massively. It’s something that we know we have needed to look at for a while and this really is driving the plan forward.

We are also honouring, where we can, current commitments and we are still available to speak as part of Thought Leadership evenings (even if we can't be their in person!)

On the subject of Leadership, do also get in contact if you need support at this time as Coronavirus is going to test all of our leadership skills at every level and it is important that as leaders, we are visible and reassuring to employees, customers and stakeholders. How you react to a crisis will either create powerful bonds or bad feelings amongst employees.​

16th March 2020

A few thoughts from our Co-Founder Nick Butcher on what the Coronavirus means for HR Strategy Pro, it’s clients and how we can support you and your business during this time.

As he says in the article we are all in this together, both personally and professionally and no matter of business or industry.

Whilst we don't proclaim to have an answer or cure to the current situation, we are currently supporting our clients with a range of HR issues that this is bringing, so if you need any support or have any questions please do call Nick on 0784 368 0966 or email

We are here to help where we can!

In Summary

I probably summed this up in the title of this article “Business as Unusual” as none of us can guess where this is going and it is important that we follow Government and guidelines from the World Health Organisation. In the meantime, the message I want to get across to anyone reading this is we are here to help where we can when it comes to supporting with HR and People issues which will naturally rise during this period.

It goes without saying we are all in this together regardless of size and shape of your business - so even if you just want a chat over a few ideas you might be having at the moment, just pick up the phone, my number is 0784 368 0966 and I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

Stay safe

Nick and the HR Strategy Pro Team