Mark Blundell - Ex F1 Driver and

Le-Mans Winner, CEO of MB Partners (Official Partner of HR Strategy Pro)

Design & Build

From the Prototype to a Car rolling on to the forecourt or track. Every vehicle needs to be designed, built and developed.

Your people are no different.

An often overlooked fact is that the Automotive Industry is only as good as the people within it. Whether it's the Designer, Test Driver, Salesperson or Mechanic, each element has a person sitting in the hot seat. So how do we attract the best and look after our most important assets?

HR Strategy Pro is proud to introduce "Ignition" the first HR Strategy Programme tailored to the Automotive, Motorsport, Tyre and Transport industries.

Designed for Industry people by Industry people, our team has worked both Operationally and within HR for some of the most prestigious businesses and brands within the Automotive sector and its associated industries. Most importantly we speak your language and understand your world and issues.

HR Strategy designed specifically for the Automotive Sector & its Associated Industries.

Parc Ferme

Compliance and regulations may not always be seen as fun but they set clear guidelines to ensure fairness for all involved.

Business has its own guidelines to adhere to when it comes to its people.

Service Overview:

Research & Development

From the second a new car is launched the whole team must look for constant areas of development and marginal gains to stay ahead of the competition.

Your people development is no different.

"The most successful drivers have always had the best team of highly engaged and trained people around them. You cannot underestimate the importance of effective people development strategies within sport and business..."​